how can I get more follower on my Twitter account?

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Simply, follow other members there and they'll do the same if your profile attracts them if they are from same niche.

Yes, There are many websites which can get you more followers in exchange of points. You just need to find it on google.

follow others
share interesting tweets
retweet others posts
reply to thier tweets

Follow more and there is chances that people may follow you back. Before following do some calculations. look their followers and following ratio, if they are say equal or somewhat, there is more chances that they will follow you back.

daily update your account and follow the other peopels

Share interesting news and videos on twitter and follow other people.

Thare are many tools available in the market which helps to increase the followers on twitter.you can also sharing interting and latest tweets then also you will get the genuine followers.

try to add more follower you will get respond.

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