I see a lot of people having success with Facebook. Espacially in my niche, memes. But I find it hard to drive traffic from Facebook for free to my current followers.

I have a business page that has 24,000+ followers.But I only get less than a hundred reach on any single post.

Is Facebook marketing dead? Or am I doing it all wrong? I have no idea.

I don't want to pay evertime I want to reach my audience.

What do you guys think?

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As to your dead comment, Facebook did take a huge hit over recent news. Even Elon Musk deleted his company pages there.

As it stands today, you should not expect much from your facebook efforts.

If you have memes, isn't that something for you to share on say Imgur.com or is that your competition?

It's my competition.

I see, so if Facebook is dead where should I promote my site? Do you have any suggestions?

What did you write there? You compete with Imgur? Let's see that site as Imgur is well, the 6000 liter engine on the track today.

Facebook marketing ain't dead at all, how could it be with a base of user activity of more than 2 milion per month. No other social network will give you that. The thing is that the algorythm is moving towars a more user experience one, just like the rest of algorythm in any app or platform. So in order to keep going on track and getting the desired engagements the content that you offer to those users has to be of great value for them, so the inner publication rank of this content gets a higher puntuation (consideration for the fb algorythm) to be shown more.

@webbingbcn. I take it that you didn't get the news about Facebook, Cambridge Analytics and more here. Or you sell this channel. I know a lot of folk here have severely cut back on their Facebook use.

Or you are an ostrich.

Facebook marketing changed into videos, especially live videos and social groups, this are the channels witch gain traffic, the rest is not so important right now. It is still better to be on facebook than don't lol.

Facebook marketing is still in use. Just promote your business in relevant groups and be active in all the time.

@farrisfahad i think my tips are helps you

  1. First analyse your audience needs.
  2. Active in facebook at all time
  3. Post your business relevant post
  4. Share your business related videos
  5. UIse unique & quality content
  6. If audience have any doubts don't ignore that you should take responsibility for clear that doubts
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