Hi everyone !

How to get FREE traffic to my website?

Also, all suggestion & feedback are most welcome !

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By doing classifieds and blogs you can get traffic to your website.

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first of all: what you link to is not a 'website', rather a 'webshop', a huge difference.

for a webshop, find out what people are actually interested in the products you sell. update your stock and items regulary, don't keep the same items for over a year, without ever thinking about changing what you offer.

if nobody buys product x, reduce the price
if still nobody buys product x, sell it at minimum price
if still nobody buys product x, get rid of it, nobody wants it.

if you hear about product y that is very popular, don't say "that's nice, but it's not in our stock", add it to your stock.
send advertisements, talk to people, find hobby-groups and post links there.

add some sections, for instance a 'can be used as' where you show for your pen holder, for instance, how it can be used:
* as a pen holder
* to hold spare change
* to store your keys
* ...

let the visitors help you brainstorm about your new products.
add a "What should we sell next?" page or so, with a form through which visitors can submit their ideas. In no way are you obliged to add anything, but the visitors will feel more 'part of', that might get them to come back. but even though you're not obliged to anything, if you want to start selling socks, and seven hundred of your visitors suggest selling caps, ....
don't go selling socks. it's a way to know what the visitor wants/expects from your site. it's your right to ignore it, but you really shouldn't.

don't spam your visitors with Steve Jobs' quotes. 1 quote a page is enough, just update it when the user refreshes the page.
keep 1 quote of Jobs, and add quotes of other people, otherwise, you'll look like somebody trying to put up a Steve Jobs fanpage.
if you do want to keep the Steve Jobs theme, I suggest you sell something a whole lot more innovative than what you have.

First of all you should search your targeted visitors then find out their existing on net like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus then use these channels to increase traffic.

there are a lot of right and wrong ways of getting traffic, my qus. is what kind of traffic do you want.tristaterepair
i mean refferal?
social? please mention

The best way to get a free traffic to your website is to improve website's keyword ranking. Try to set some good and targeted keywords and promote your website using those keywords. If your website with targeted keyowrds starts appearing in google search engine results on top then it will generate free traffic to your website. Also social media and blogging is the another main source for getting good traffic and vistors. Maintain a blog, add good blog posta and share them on your social media profiles or pages. Slowly your website traffic will start increasing.

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This is one of the reasons why I browse this forum. There's always a good thread going - despite the fact there are a few individuals who spoil the mood...

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Back linking, useful atricles/blogs, give back to your audience (it can be free things).

Hi @urmania!

do link building such as:
social bookmarking, directory submission, article marketing, blog posting,
guest blogging, blog commenting,Forum Posting, etc. Moreover, keep in mind that build link on High PR website.

Thanks! :)

If you are targeting organic traffic then you need to do proper SEO submissions like Bookmarking , Forum , Blog commenting on niche sites are important.

I am working on my blog. I have a lot to do. i have to offer more value in my posts.
thank you everyone for your help!

Let’s start with Look for engines so that it gets out of our way. I am sure that you all agree that the best and hardest way to get 100 % free visitors is by optimizing your website for Look for engines. Look for engines holds more than 70% of online search engine business and a place in one of the top roles of Look for engine is a fantastic resource of 100 % free visitors. The problem is that the competition is huge so you need to have a great website both in terms of content and SEO if you want to take a part of the pie.
Yahoo and Google may not have the business of Look for engines but a top position in either Google or Google can bring in many visitors. I have web sites that rank on the first roles for popular keywords on both Look for engines and Google and although the visitors I get from Google is ¼ of what I get from Look for engines it is still an excellent resource of 100 % free visitors.
he firefox web shop is a fantastic resource of 100 % free visitors and yet many webmasters are not using it. It is very easy to add your website to the Chrome Store and the visitors you can get is 100 % free and continuous. If you are not familiar of the firefox web shop read my previous post which also includes a research study on visitors gains.

Be viral on Social Media media. Create engaging contents in blogs. Create something interesting that can lead people to your site.

SEO and SMM both are important to increase the traffic. don't use any free tools to increase your traffic , you will get nothing from them.

try to use get link from other high PR websites

You can get traffic through social networking sites, through baclinks and through commenting on different websites

I've come a long way in learning how to get free traffic to a website and it all started with my blog. I post once a week on the same day. I have myself on a schedule that I follow. I visit blog commenting groups and post valuable content and they come to my blog because I have CommentLuv which leaves a link to my last blog post. I have the preium addition that allows me to pick the blog post I want them to read. There is a free version available. I'm just learning how to use twitter, I am going to tweet my blog posts.

I belong to a group called iPro and they have special trainings on getting free traffic. The main source is blogging and using social media. I need to go over the trainings again for a refresher. As part of the program I get two webinars a week which is on my schedule and I go over trainings as often as I can.

In my opinion working manully to rank your website graduelly, it's in fact so hard, and will takes the time, so I advice you if possibly constrate on paid demo softwre,to create backlinks , writing articles, ...

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