Hello people. Has anyone used this site to generate money? Its called Inthirtydays.com If so what traffic,forums,safelists sites etc do you use? I have heard you can make money from it if you market it correctly?

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What on earth is it? I've never heard of it before? Is it an affiliate program? Is it an MLM scheme?

well its like those Paypal letters/matrix letters you send to people only this site lets you do it without any possiblity of cheating because you HAVE TO PAY BEFORE you get your advertising page.

Is this your site? Self promotion threads like this are not permitted in this section of the site.

no it isnt, i have yet sign uo for my own personalized page

So in other words it seems like this is just an MLM marketing scheme :-/ Don't think that there IS a good way of utilizing it to market your site.

I think um, not using it is a good way of marketing your site. Take all the money you save and do something worthwhile with it. Heck, do something worthless with it and you'll probably do just as well.

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