Hi! Listen, I was thinking, are QR codes still relevant in sales? Or is there something newer and more popular now?

Hello! You won't believe it, but QR codes are still enjoying popularity! It's like they're an ageless classic of marketing. Companies are finding inventive ways to use them. QR codes are still in the game 😄

commented: I agree. +15

And now the bad news: QR Codes are common attack vectors. Example:

The FBI and Better Business Bureau warn criminals are taking advantage of the convenience — in some cases, even sticking malicious QR codes over real ones.

Because of this I never scan QR codes. I suggest you never scan them as well.

commented: Problem is that they are far and widely available for so many usages. +15

Problem is that they are far and widely available for so many usages but if something has some code and is accessible to others online, it will be hacked, story of our society today. They are however still very popular and in demand.

There is no doubt in the fact that QR codes are still in trend.Infact they're enjoying the popularity phase till now. Watching over the situation I think that QR codes are not going out of trend in near future.

commented: For me, due to the malicious use of QR codes I avoid them like the plague. +17
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