A friend of mine posted this on his FB page a few hours ago...

HACKER WARNING! There is a new way to hack your Facebook. A Notification will be sent to you that one of your friends has commented on your status, it will open a new page and tell you to re-enter your Facebook user name and password. The page looks just like the FB login page so be on the look out!! please repost this to your status to let your facebook family know.

Has anyone else heard about this and can either confirm or deny?

Until we have confirmation everyone might want to pass this on as a potential warning to all friends.

Thanks for the warning. Phishers have become more smarter int heir approach and unfortunately so many people fall into it. I did back years ago with aol and then now even emails from those accounts end up in friends' junk mailbox. :-(

I have been monitoring sites like Mashable for this and I have not seen anything about it but it is always good to be vigilant for stuff like this.

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