I am currenty working on google apps for education. We have been having a little issue with our google contacts. We would like to have a unified contacts system where everybody could view but not edit. We have tried delegating out contacts to one another but it only creates duplicates and does not delegate the tags as well. We would like to see if there can be an application thats syncs with google contacts and creates a unified contact system. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I greatly appreciate it . Thank you :)

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Welcome Jonathan,

There is a feature-rich management and security add-on that will solve your problem. It's called "FlashPanel" for google apps. Best part is they offer EDU pricing and have great support resources that offer best practices. Have a look at the "How it Works" videos to get an idea. I'm currently implementing this for a small law firm as a cloud-based solution to contact sharing. It should work for you. Hope this helps.

Thanks almuniz . I appreciate this comment. I am looking forward in giving flashpanel a tryout.

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