Please tell me which one is better when it comes to ' Advertising ' which one of these companies deliver better traffic is it Miva or Ask ?

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I would go with Ask, although all of these only secondary to AdWords and Yahoo, of course.

Why would you go with Ask why not Miva ? Plus do u have any coupons for Ask i was going to try Ask as you're recommending it lets see if it converts a bit , please do let me know if u have any coupons =)

I didn't even know that coupons existed :) I just said Ask because they have recently gone through a big revamp and rebranding of their search engine and company (ie they ditched Jeeves and rewrote their search engine). Therefore, I feel its a good time to try them since they're pouring a lot of money into their relaunch right now.

well u know what Dani i recently gave Ask a try as well but i would say Miva as a better ROI than Ask, Ask had no returns at all , you recommended that and now yer gonna return my money back lOl =D

Well, I've never used either. I was just going by my impression of the companies.

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