I keep hearing all of these great things about Chitika - it seems to have taken the webmaster community by storm - but to me, it just looks like another CJ.

Does anyone have any experience with it - either positive or negative?

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I am using it and have been very impressed with it. I was receiving on average $0.48 per click and noticed some as high as $1.63. For a gaming site I figured this to be good. It is a new company and its still in beta, its geared more towards the hardware side of computers so could suit DaniWeb very well! I have recommended it to a lot of webmasters now, some have liked it, some have not. Depends on the type of site you have and this one really would suit it.

It is different to the likes of adsense in that you can either sign up for the contextual advertising and it will take care of everything for you, or you can insert the keywords you want it to use. Instead of targetting words it targets products, so a keyword could be "dell laptops" and it would display all the dell laptop adverts it has in its database. I love this control, and when you see the code to insert the ads you can see how easy it is to add/remove keywords in the code you have used.

I would be happy to share my referral link with anyone who wants it ;)

It's useless for me. (they don't accept clicks from India & Pakistan). I am using it as a google alternative instead of public service adds. (I am earning only 2% from chitika comparing to google)

I highly recommend kontera as an alternative to google (only for Indians).

I am going to give it a shot. The Similar Threads link right above shows that there is another thread about Chitika already, I should have searched before I posted :)

priya, I am in a position where I can geotarget just the US in my ad server, so I'm going to try that out.

Dont exclude UK and Canada, they are also supported right now.

Thanks :) So far, I applied. I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to be accepted.

Then it's OK. Go for Best Deal. But it will display one product per page, so I have created a page which will display up to 5 products in Google Alternative add space.

Find the source from: http://itportal.org/add.html

Change 'priya' to 'dani'

Best Wishes from a Junior.

"CJ" ?? Whats that... I h8 shawtcutz cuz I cant nvr figure dem out.

Commission Junction

www.cj.com ... it's a really large affiliate network of CPA campaigns by some pretty large companies. It's owned by ValueClick. They used to be called Commission Junction but they pretty much adopted and prefer the name CJ. I think if you go to commissionjunction.com it automatically redirects you to cj.com even. Much the same way what used to be Federal Express is now FedEx.

I am having pretty good luck with the mini-mall ad's. They don't get nearly the CTR as my google ad's(and that may be because I have not spent much time trying to find a good place for them). But the amount paid per click is really good.

I use them together with adsense.

By the way, if you use them on the same page as google youo must turn of their context features.

I use the following code and I put in a list of products that are randomly chosen for each page view. I also turn off the search since I use google search.

ch_non_contextual = 1;
ch_nosearch = 1;
var ch_queries = new Array('laptop','game', 'ipod','computer','software','printer','monitor','motherboard','sims','mac','dell','video card','memory');
var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];

Thanks. I assume you mean that you have to turn of their contextual features on the same page as AdSense because it violates the Google TOS?

Yeah, its against the TOS

I still haven't gotten an acceptance letter. How long does it usually take?

Usually 4-5 working days affet you get your confirmation email.

I'm not that patient a person! :)

Typical woman, wanting everything right now ;)

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