If you had $10,000 Marketing Budget how would you spend it ?

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100% on an ad campaign on DaniWeb :) Seriously, it would really have to do with your business model. Is it a content based site where revenue is earned from selling advertising? Do you sell a product or service? If I were selling an eCommerce product, for example, I would be apt to spend more on PPC campaigns. On a dynamic content site where incoming Google traffic to articles and lots of pageviews is everything, I would probably buy high PR backlinks for SEO. I don't know enough about offline advertising to make any type of judgement.

You know what is effective? Hold an SEO contest for that budget.

Some Natural SEO, Some CPC Advertising, Some Other Online Advertising and some press meadia...havig that budjet I will try every thing with 5000$ and I will spend remaing 5000$ on which that given me maximum.

if you target also locally, news publication is also another way.

Its even too low to have big ad campaign, if it would be $100,000, I will go for Celebrity branding.

Celebrity branding? But yes, I agree, $10,000 is a reasonably mid-priced ad campaign. But then again, he's not specifically asking how to go about spending a huge corporate budget. He's most likely asking how to spend what he has to work with.

$10,000 works when the demand is already there, assuming there is very high demand $10,000 might be not enough.

What do you mean when the demand is already there? Do you mean that people are already familiar with the company or people already want that type of product or service from any company?

Certainly both, demand here means that you have already a base and people are buying your products, now you want to extend your reach either by opening new market or beat the competition. My point - if people dont know about your site and your product or service even that amount may not bring the desired result. Normally people takes a percentage of either past or anticipated sales and allocates that percentage of the overall budget for advertising and they also calculate the ROI. BTW Actual sale depends upon who makes the buying decision.

i would drop 10,000 on a affilate for my website (CPA)

A bit of online and offline advertising would be usefull.... I want $10,000 now to spend! (if only!)

While it may seem like a real lot, I don't think that a $10,000 budget is large enough for any substantial offline campaign ... maybe just an ad in a newspaper or magazine, but that's not always appropriate to every type of website.

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