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My question today is concerning my site <snip URL> and ways to promote it. Currently, we get around 1k uniques daily, but I want to bump this to 5k daily. What the goal is, is for people to check the pagerank of their site, then, display our badge in their footer. This is how much of the traffic is generated.

Any other ideas of how I could get this site in the minds of web developers around the world?



You should get listed in search engine categories in different directories and promote through forums.

I tried doing that hope it works

did you try to get text links or post on different forums and blogs?

You can promote pagerank checker through forums and submit it to online directories

Hello Damien,

Send me a PM and if I like what I see I'll add my site to it (and your code to mine, of course)!

One thing you can do straightaway here on this forum is update your "profile" and write a signature with your URL link in it. That way, every time you post, your URL will get included in the post.

If you contribute to this and other forums, using a signature with your URL included, you will build up a lot of links back to your site. On the other hand, if you include your URL in your forum message it will rightly get the <snip URL> treatment.

Another way to promote your site is to make yourself the "page-ranking expert": write original articles on all aspects of pageranking from various perspectives and post them to article directories such as ezinearticles.com

Best wishes,

David H

promote through forum and submit directories in heavy page rank.

get few articles written and submit to various article sites. Then use forums and blogs for submission.

use forums and get listed in search engine

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