Hello, I'm starting out a forum community, is there anymore suggestions? I'm thinking now to upgrade to vBulletin, but not sure... I've the thought that vBulletin is more Search Engine friendly than SMF.

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Over the years, DaniWeb has migrated from YaBB SE (the predecessor to SMF) to phpBB to vBulletin. I couldn't be happier with vB.

I quite like IPB... it looks seem to look better than alot of vb skins. apart from this one.... obviously ;)

I have used most of the known scripts and believe that all have ups and downs. For the paid script I'd go with IPB next time, I had only huge issues with VB, the only forum script that never worked as I would have expected. Even phpBB is better

I think that any script could be just as SEO friendly as any other script with a bit of tweaking. All three can be set to not use session IDs, all three can be set to use .html static URLs, etc.

Choose a script based off of its features, usability, customizability, and which YOU like best for your community ... and then make it SEO friendly.

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