We are creating back links with our search engine/directory. We are wondering if this will have value for people to increase their PR for their site. This is done through the sponsored listing that we have. We have not done the formal launch as of yet. We are waiting for the PR to increase on some result pages. It would be great to get some feedback from people regarding this. Our goal is to help the smaller business minded people who don't have unlimited budgets.

The PR that your site will give will be so low that alone it has no SEO value. It won't be a good investment for someone to do. You will need to grow your directory to be one of the top ten or twenty on the entire Internet for it to possibly become worth it.

I am not sure I understand what you are saying. The site is growing every day. That last two months we have made modifications and are still doing them. We will have over 500,000 people a day coming through our site by the end of October. If the PR is a 5 or more on the relevant keyword phrases why would that not be a good $25 investment for someone?

So you want to sell links? Well, your home page may be a PR 5 but your inner pages are not. Plus the amount of PR sent to them via those links will be small as PR is shared amongst all links on the page plus the dampening factor reduces the value even more. Plus with Google cracking down on link selling there is a good chance those links will have no value regardless of any other factor anyways.

The only use those links would have would be for potential traffic if your content is similar to theirs. And never sell links based on projections. It doesn't fool anyone. You can sell links based on your current traffic and if your traffic goes up then you can charge more.

I appreciate your feed back. The links we have our part of our sponsored listings and they also have back link capabilities. The one thing I never do is sell based on projected traffic. People can find out the average traffic to my site based on internet sources so that will speak for itself.

It is good to get objective feed back from others in the business. The goal is to get the landing pages that people advertise on to a PR 5.

Thanks for your info.

I think it is very hard time to sell or buy links as google keep watch on these sites, best to sell ad space or join an ad network or affiliate program.

The whole idea is to sell ad space, but it has an extra benefit for back links. Ad space is sold as in a search engine, but we made modifications that there is a link to your site on whatever page you want. We are now working on traffic to increase PR as well as over traffic rankings amongst the Internet's best sites.

natural links are the best


The idea of earning income by selling links is good, but may not be wise. The reason is GOOGLE is tracking paid links. cluster of links, Google will easily track and will result in low value for the link buyer.

But i have noticed that for our site http://www.vkinfotek.com
reciprocal links with community sites has resulted in a slight increase in number of hits.

I don't look at it as selling links on http://www.isrchnkd.com. The links are a bi-product if you will that will benefit your site. Check out the format. We are working on other servers right now as the traffic has been increasing tremendously.

How are reciprocal links viewed? We are finishing up setting up a program that is part of our Partner Program that will give each person up to 3 free links on our pages for any keyword phrase that is available. There is only one free link per keyword phrase based on a first come basis. We have been waiting for the Google update as our pages will update as a result.

Sponsored listing for smaller business is a better idea. If you are waiting for page rank , you should not wait it because all I know the pr update is ended. You can wait for another three months again. But still you get quality, trusted and high page rank site that you can used for your site.

I am not concerned if it is three more months or so as my links will be more spidered in at that time. We have over 300,000 pages for the spiders to grab as we have done a restructure. I am not sure what you meant by using high quality PR links to my site. Buy them?

I am trying to learn what I can from these forums. Can someone please explain the difference between a natural link and a back link? And the more links on the internet to your website creates a better page rank? Sorry if these questions are infantile but I am very new to this whole thing. Thanks in advance!

Backlinks are links on other websites that link to your website - the more backlinks you have, and the higher the quality the sites that link to you, the more Google PageRank your site has.

Backlinks are achieved in one of two ways: Either by paying for them or naturally. Natural links are when other sites link to you just because they've found your site and like it - there is no actual partnership / business relations between you and them. These are the best links to have.

Thank you Dani. I appreciate your knowledge. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks again!!

Hi Dani,

I am unsure about one thing. I have set up a link exchange for people to have a link on millions of keyword phrases. It is endless. Each person can choose up to three keyword phrases and there is only one free link to each keyword phrase based on a first come basis. The only thing I ask is that they put our link on their page. This is part of our Partner Rewards program. We do parse the links to make sure they are still active. The question is, does Google look down on that now? Can that be a negative for us?

Reciprocal links are devalued by Google and are virtually worthless. Even more, reciprocal linking may cause you to be considered part of a link farm which can get you banned.

Unless you are a well established large website, reciprocal links should be limited to sites larger then yours and in the same genre.

Hi have a search engine/directory with static pages. There are virtually millions of pages and keyword phrases that you can put a link on. Let's say forums for example. That would be related to what you guys do.

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