Would it be an opt-in type of newsletter, or just something that you would mass-send to all 80k members?

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My newsletter, you mean? The DaniWeb monthly digest gets sent the first Tuesday of each month (or rather, Tuesday right now) to members who have "Receive email from forum admins" specified in their profiles (which is default for new member registrations, but is always easy to disable).

Ah, great--I just subscribed to it right now!

Hey dani,

Did you send out this month's newsletter??


Yes, on the 6th. Didn't you receive it? You shouldn't have to be subscribed to it - you should receive it by default unless you disable "receive posts forum forum administrators" in your user profile.

hmm, i never received it, and i do not think that i disabled anything. im sure im doing something wrong here, but has anyone else said that they didnt receive it?

Some people have said that it ended up in their junkmail boxes.

hmm, is it possible for you to re-send it to me??

Everyone receives a different newsletter custom tailored to their own account on DaniWeb. Here's mine (temporary link): http://www.daniweb.com/digest.htm

The next edition will be sent out the first week of July :)

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