:confused: Can anyone tell me some ways to increase the traffic of my website? Thank you so much!

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hey. i know of a few things you could do for free. try blogging about your website, that works pretty well. you could also use signature links or a website called thenewestwebsites, they feature other websites for free. you might also want to try article submissions and/or directory submissions. all these things worked pretty well for me. i hope they help you too!

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>>you could also use signature links
Yes, that's a good suggestion. Here at DaniWeb you can go to your Profile and add your links to your signature. Then do a whole bunch of posting in other threads to help others or in Geeks Loung just to talk.

There are a bunch of great threads on this site that talk about that very topic. Do a search in the search box for traffic, and you should see many threads come up. with all kinds of information!

You can go for free directories submissions, social bookmarking and article submissions to get free traffic to your website.

best of luck.

Wow, thank you for all the suggestions!!!

based on my experience, forum posting, blogging and social bookmarking could be the best way to gain traffic for a site.

I also heard writing Articles is that true?

Don't write articles for the sake of submitting them to an article directory. Besides the fact that they deliver little traffic, if the articles are any good you should put them on your own website to the traffic comes straight to you.

Go to Squidoo and build a few lenses.

Don't spam but here are some suggestion
Post videos to youtube
Join myspace group and post links
Post articles to hubpages.
Submitting to directories always help me !

put Stumbleupon on your website

If you write an original article, put it on your website. Then rewrite it or modify it and post it to article directories. Post an announcement to your blog talking about the article you've just written, then ping and bookmark.

Perhaps you can use some free website submission tools to get some free traffic to your site

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