What mods for phpbb are the best and most necessary to a new forum and to growing membership? I'm especially interested in forum shops and related items.

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Have a look through the phpBB MOD Database and ask at the phpbb forums, only take mods from phpbb.com as they are valid, and they will also advise you and help you install them (give some support).

Check out www.phpbb.com :)

I would find some kind of mod to rewrite the urls. I have seen some phpbb forums with mod_rewrite. It helps a lot with phpBB.

www.phpbbhacks.com is the official unofficial directory of phpBB hacks.

Is their any way or any mod that will help us to convert all post with their respectibe html rather then .php?4 etc etc. I think that will help us to get atleast good rang on google?

I searched a lot but could not find it if any one of you know do let me know.

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