We all know that traffic inevitably goes down during the summer months and the weekends. However, I'm confused as to exactly why this is. And, of course, by understanding why, I could perhaps help improve the situation for my site.

During the weekends, for example, I understand that people go out and live. But wouldn't all those people who worked all week spend time surfing the web at home? I would think they WOULDN'T have the time to surf the web during the work week?

As for the summer, I understand traffic would go down for, say, the C++ forums, as people aren't really taking too many C++ summer courses as compared to during the year - and other computer / academic courses they might need assistance with. But other than that, do people really use computers that much less during the summer? I would think that, especially for the I.T. professional, the summer is the best opportunity to catch up on the latest trends?

Traffic fluctuates here soooo much during those times I would really like some help improving the situation. Any ideas?

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Here's my take on it.

Winter, no one wants to go out. It's cold. Spring, it rains a lot. Fall, people are used to the summer climate, so it feels cold, even though it may by 50 out. Summer is a nice time of the year. People would rather spend what free time they have outside then indoors. In addition, it's lighter for longer during summer, so by the time poeple get out of work at 5, it's not dark, and they can still do stuff outside.

As for weekends, I'm guessing most people jus want a break, and need to go out with friends.

Many of my sites are technical. Weekend traffic to them is next to nothing. My theory has always been that the techies are going to my site AT WORK, and not at home. May be the same for you.

To resolve these types of situations, why not try introducing a holiday competition, this will encourage people to visit the site, and will also attract people that do surf the web during these times to join.

I can tell you that I never, ever, ever visit tech forums on the weekends. Weekends are for fun. I'm old enough and have been doing tech stuff for long enough that these things are no longer something I want to do in my spare time.

My 17mth old son is much more amusing to play with :cheesy:

In fact when I make a sale on the weekend from my business software site I always feel a little sorry for the person making the purchase. My thoughts run something along the lines of, 'go home and live, work isnt that important'.

Weekend is for fun and entertainment. Perhaps only during the weekends, allow forumers to post some techie jokes or funny stuffs.

Weekend is for family and other outdoor things. So less people will surf the net.

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