im triying to get persons information for a call center job. im get only 30 leads per week posting in facebook groups but i need more. even i start to do a facebbok campaings but i only get 16 leads info. but i need at least 100 per week.

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Hi Hector,

Most of us won't like you since you can mine for data. Example? Here you go.
I want to add this as an identify theft PSA. An experiment at a coffee shop gave out a free cup when you liked them. What happened?

Coffee shop offers customers a free coffee in exchange for 'liking' their shop on Facebook but they also get...their personal details handed back to them. The time it takes the customer to 'like' and order, the team have their name, occupation, mothers maiden name, place of birth, likes, interests and lots of other personal details, all written on the cup. This was an experiment to show how easily we all leave ourselves wide open to identity theft.
Source: The web and two links:

So beyond what I wrote above, there are other reasons to not share with you in Facebook.

Did you try Facebook Ads type called "Lead Generation"? If not then I think you may need it. Try to re-targeting your audiences, review the ads content or just adjust the budget you spend on each ads set. IMO

provide more quality content and more quality images.in that sense people can read what is that.keep some cache tile to attract user.make info before what u do .In that sense have a conclsuion of what ia ll.make banners in a unique way.

  • Create Facebook campaigns around your business location
  • Upload Quality informational images
  • Upload Quality contents
  • Get more likes

You rock!!

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