Please give me an advice.
How to become a successful SEO Analyst?
What are the duties and responsibilities of a SEO Analyst?
What are the stuffs he should know about?

Thanks in advance :)

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I read what looks like your other post at

Are you not already doing this? Or are you a shill setting up to spam your services?

It is odd. You answer someone else's question on SEO Optimization giving details and putting effort into the topic and then you start your OWN thread with no details nor any sign of being willing to show effort, and this is a thread about how to get someone to pay you to do this.

So do you know anything about SEO Optimization? If not, don't answer threads offering advice on how to do it. If you DO know something on the topic, that is quite relevant to your own thread asking how to land a job doing it. Anyone paying you to do it would want to know your background and skill level. Anyone giving you advice on how to get paid for it would want to know the same thing, yet you do not provide that information.

To become a good seo analyst, understand how google works. From there you will know how to analyze the indicators. Good luck!

we should gather knowledge about, on page and off page technique.mainly you shoud be strong in adwords and other seo tools.

Full of Enthusiasm, Need Surveillance of the trend of shifting search engine strategy and Internet Marketing methods.
Also You need strong knowledge on English and innovative ideas which can interest more user about us.

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