Hello !
I have a web page that is about 45pages that am currently working on when i upload it on and want to view the webpage it time close to 4 to 5 min before it load. But most of the pages that i have really contain more pictures on it i was thinking mays be it is the images that are too much in i that cause it or it is due to many webpages that are present in the website that really cause it or pls suggest possible solution to that progrem.
1. Is it because the peges are too much
is for what do you thing i can do to eliminate that problem.
2. Is it because the images and the flash animation that really cause it
is so pls give me procedure to slim down the size of an image and flash animation size like in the case of a text that you can use css to slim down the text size


I suspect, without actually seeing the page in question, is that yes, you have too many images. Large and bulky images can cause high load times. Other reasons may include looping javascripts or looping flash files which render the page unusable and force the browser to stopscript the action calls.

There are a lot of great web optimization tips available if you search the web...I frequently use this tool (http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/) as it gives a nice rundown of total page size, image sizes, external files, objects like flash, etc.

The biggest thing I can stress is to make sure that you optimize/compress your images. Five minutes in a program such as fireworks can shred a lot of weight off of an image. Also, try specifying both the height and width of your images in your HTML tags, as the browser can render the space alotted for them, and move on to the next task, rather than wait for each individual image to load before continuing.

As for flash, that depends. If you are putting a lot of raw audio/video into a flash document, the size will increase dramatically. You can help reduce the size of your flash files by compressing your images and video before taking them into your flash authoring program. Huge flash files will make a site drag big time since the browser will try to load the flash file completely before continuing on.

You need a lot of little pages, not one huge one. Navigate between them with links.

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