hi,i am new to flash.... i have made a simple flash banner which has 8 layers...now i wanna link it to a webpage...how????

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You need to save it as a .swf file. Then you need to embed it in the webpage using the HTML code Flash can generate for you.

You need to save it as a .swf file. Then you need to embed it in the webpage using the HTML code Flash can generate for you.

yeah i hav done that and now when i click on that .swf file it shud take me to new webpage say yahoo.com in a new window...
thanks for the reply

Oh, you want to make the flash file load a webpage when you click on it. That's a different story. Sorry but I don't know enough about Flash to help you with that.

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If you haven't added any action to any symbol, i.e. you flash movie is just a movie nothing dynamic, then this is the simples way.

1. Add a new layer, say "actions"
2. Make sure that the last frame(note: its frame not keyframe) number is equal to the last frame of whole movie. This is to ensure that the following code works throughout the movie
3. Now click on the first frame of actions layer and press F9 to open Action Panel and write this code:

_root.onMouseUp= function() {
    getURL("http://www.google.com", "_blank");

That's it

hey, if you want to link a piece of flash to a web site simply in the .fla . Insert a new layer , name this layer a (for actionscript/actions) . Inside type the following, say the thing you wanted someone to click on was a button which you named ,as a movie clip * mcbutton *

mcbutton.onRelease = function:void () {

and that will link you to yahoo!

That's exactly what the post above yours said.

yeh, but i tried to explain it without the root tags and gave examples so they could understand

Thanks to vishesh my flash banner is linked too!

thanks vishesh my flash also target to my website sucessfully
thanks so much for shair this information

The internet is a very helpful tool nowadays! Especially with forums, and people that join tend to know something another user didn't! Lets keep the help coming!

You must design a lightweight Flash banner for faster loading. Some of your target audience may use low speed internet connection and if the banner ad is too heavy, they will skip it. For instance, you may think that audio effects can be helpful to capture your target audience's attention, but make sure that it does not increase the file size too much.

Make sure the symbol you want to make 'clickable' is a button. Select you're button and open up the action script and paste in the following:

on (release) {
//Goto Webpage Behavior
//End Behavior

An other way to do this is go to. Window > Behaviors > Web

Hi there, I am able to link the hyperlink to the swf and it works fine. but when I publish it to html the hyperlink does not work. Is there any simple way to just insert hyperlink like in word or html softwares?

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