I'm in the process of building a website for a racetrack for dirt racing. There used to be a script or code that I saw years ago that allowed authorized users (the client) to add text messages to the website without knowing any real HTML skills.

What I need is something that would allow the track owners to add updates to scheduling or brief home page notices like when the track is closed due to bad weather. This old script allowed access via a password but didn't require any dedicated FTP software from what I can remember. Again, this really needs to be a simple text editor that they can just type a message and update just a portion or notices area of the page, without any programming knowledge. Does anyone have any ideas or have you seen anything like it?

-put a text area on client side.
-add a submit button also.
-after filling the message on textarea user will click on button.
-message will be sent to server.
-at server side use some sever side scripting language like PHP, JSP etc.
-at server side its your choice to store it on data base or do whatever you want with that message.
-using message you car reform the page and send it along with message.

Hmmm, sounds very plausible. I still need to add some security level access but that just might work. Thanks for the input DangerDev, I'll definitely use your input and see what I can come up with.

Thanks so much!