Hi all,
I do not know where to put these Thread , so I am hoping that you will answer me here .


I do not understand why these code display clock .

Thank you for your effort of reading .

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var today=new Date();
var h=today.getHours();
var m=today.getMinutes();
var s=today.getSeconds();

All this is doing is pulling the date from your local computer (little clock in the bottom right corner (on xp). And storing the hours, mins and seconds in variables.

the rest of the script is a bit usless and just makes it look complicated. All it does is add 0's and stuff.

This is quite simple javascript, so if you are just hopping, trying to grasp the language, i would suggest to start at the beggining and go slowly making sure you understand peices before moving on.


But this code is not give me a null if number in lower that 10 . It was a 2 hour when i learn these and i did not see any null .

all thats doing is adding a 0, if the number is less than 10??
I dont understand what your asking? :S

Test it with your clock . It is all i want to say is that not working .

its working fine for me
what browser are you using? there may be a problem, for instance
Javascript could be turned of
Your Clock is covered by a firewall (highly unlikely)

Java script is on and i am using a firefox

Hey i have a question,I have an apache tomcat server with a html page that has a clock.And if other person access the same html page in his system,the clock shows the time that his system has.So consider my server clock is correct and the other persons clock is incorrect.How can i make the time in html page to be correct who ever may open the html page(i want my server time to be global whoever open this particular html page in his system regardless of any time that he has)?I hope you understood my question

Okay - first, javascript reads the time off the system it's on - it's not reading time off the server at all. A work around is to detect how far off the time on system is from GMT then add back a correction for how far off of GMT the server is. But this isn't going to do anything about his system clock being off by minutes from yours.

I'm sure there is a way to read server time, but it won't be a javascript solution.

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