Howdy - I am still a newbie in the web design world. I have a site I created for a friend. I got some reviews on it and I know it looks flat and boring. I need to jazz it up somehow. I am using Front Page to create this. The navigation buttons are the extremely cool rollovers ( NOT ). I have tried to locate some type of java code or dthml to change these. I can't find squat or I am a Google idiot LOL. I really would like to make at least the index page exciting. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

part of your problem is that you're using frontpage... if you really want it to look interesting you need to either know how to manipulate the source, or you need to have one of those graphics intensive sites with massive download times.

I suggest you learn html first, then look at css. Css is what will probably make your site more interesting. - check out the rollovers section under css. - learn html and css

To tbear263:
You might want try using Swishmax to flash up your site and buttons. But
more importantly it won't break your pocket book to purchase the software.
I would suggst you take a look at the examples and then download the
trial version first, and give it a go. If you can click and point you will do
fine. There are lots of examples out there and forums that help newbies.
You would be surprised how easy it is to create a flash site with this
software. Anyway here is the Swishmax Web Link and here is a Swish Tutorial Web Link. And if you want here is my Web Links site ., it is entirely a swish site. Hint use your mouse. Hope this helps. Flixx.