I have recently lost the DB to my website and am in the middle of rebuilding it. :cry:

I had the instructions on how to change the colors of each user group stored there and now its gone :mad:

I would really appreciate the step by step to changing user group colors from someone

Thank You


Stop by and take a look


Log into vBulletin, in the left column of menus open "Usergroups" and click "Usergroup Manager". Click the "Go" button for the usergroup you wish to change the name colour for, this will open an admin page for modifying the User Group settings.

Now you see where it says: "Username HTML Markup" and has two fields, this is where you can insert some HTML tags and attributes in order to change the colour of the users name in the group, for example in the first field input:

<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">

And in the second field input:


This will set the any of the users in this group name colour to white.

Hope this helps