Hello, I have this problem with slider which contains scrool bar. In Firefox when slider is clicked, it slides to the left, but leaving trace of a picture over the video.

The link for the page is HERE

Click on any of the videos at the botom of the page, and you will see the "slider container" show up on the right side of the video. Now, when you click on the "INVIA" button, this problem appears (in Forefox only).

I've put "oveflow:auto" in the div that contains the text in the first "INFO" button, and when i remove this overflow everithing works ok, but the problem is that i need this overflow (scroll bar).

Can anyone please try to help me with this, I would be greatly appreciated!

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Your scripts are putting other things on top of the video.

Try to build pages with objects INSIDE other objects, not ON TOP of them. Layering is not yet fully implemented so it works well.

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