I am really new working with dreamweaver. I created a nice page which looks really good unless you view it in Explorer... I have the feeling the problem is the Sprymenu... Should I replace the Sprymenu by a different menu?? Any suggestions for a vertical menu?? Hopefully easy.. or can my problem be fixed. Pls take a look if you can http://www.pcr.ugent.be/index2.html

Several problems:

- The <!-- --> tag pair does not work in xhtml to hide scripts and styles. Styles work in xhtml without those tags, and scripts should be external.

- Absolute and relative positioning are NOT browser-independent. Don't use them. Instead, place a container around the menu area, and let the menu items fit against each other inside it.

- Remember putting that nonzero surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) in the same tag or style definition that contains size styles (width, height) causes browser incompatibilities. IE nests them in the wrong order. Nest two tags, and apply one kind of these styles to each tag.

- Stuff appearing on top of other stuff doesn't always work right. The technology is not yet universally defined.

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