Voting Server provides remotely-hosted interactive services/widgets which can be added to your website by any webmaster (no server-side installation required, no matter which hosting plan or server software is used). Voting Server powerful toolbox allows upgrading your web pages by simple cut-and-pasting small JS/CSS code snippets.

Voting Server provides following services:

Voting Poll - flexible voting poll component
Send-To-Friend - service for emailing rich content of webpage including pictures and styles
Web Tracker – service which logs site visitors, searches keywords and hits from AD
Content Randomizer - service for refreshing web page content using a list of predefined items (pictures, quotes, etc.)
Guest Book – service for your site visitors feedback
Shout Box - chat component for a web page
Splash Box – service which activates information window above the shaded content of the page to notify visitors about important events
Pop me up - service enabling unblockable popup windows. Activates with a click on any link of the page

Contact us at http://www.votingserver.com for more information

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Can it handle the Independent Voting System, or is it restricted to the faulty Plurality Voting System?

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