Hi, please i need full explanation on metadata. As in how to implement it into web pages.

The two important ones are keywords and description. They both go in the head of the document. Metadata help search engines find content relative to what was searched for. Let's look at this page:

<meta name="keywords" content="HTML and CSS, programming forum, computer forum, programming help, computer help, tech support, technical support, web development, website promotion, internet marketing, seo" />

Keywords are important because they give the search engine an idea about the pages content. To create keywords, simply make a list of all the keywords you think people might find you with. Also, ask your customers to make a list of all the keywords they would try to find you with.

<meta name="description" content="How do I go about metadata - HTML and CSS Community and Forum - Our HTML and CSS forum is the place for Q&amp;A-style discussions related to the XHTML markup language and stylesheets. Note we have a separate JavaScript forum for clientside scripting languages." />

The description is a bio for the page. Try to keep it under a few sentences and related to the content. In either case, if you start repeating words, it can dilute the content and actually lower your page rank.

Search engines all use different algorithms to decide page rank. Metadata can help you improve page rank but, there are many other factors involved.

Perhaps the most important factor would be having other sites link to yours. It's similar to how rep power works on Dani Web:
If a person with a rep power of 8 adds to your rep it boosts your rep by 8 points. Now lets look at that from an SEO standpoint. If a site with a high page rank adds a link to your site, it will boost your page rank significantly. However if a person with a rep power of 1 adds to your rep it boosts your rep by only 1 point. So, a site with a low page rank adds a link to your site and it may or may not boost your site rank.

Above all, keep in mind that content is the best way to improve the site rank. If you have high quality content in your pages, search engines will rank you higher. Also, high quality content will also give other sites a reason to swap links with you, boosting your rank.

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hey i want to know some thing about keyword please tell about something

hey i want to know some thing about keyword please tell about something

Keywords are words that you want your page to be listed in the search result when a user type them in any search engine.
Say for example if your site is about Education, some of the keywords will be " Schools, Course, Hostel, Education, Knowledge etc.

Most search engines now totally ignore the keywords meta values, because too many businesses have used false keywords to attract search engines. You can totally leave out both meta items listed above, because they don't do anything anymore.

You do need a meta item to define the character set your page uses:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />