Alright, so I am a graphics designer and I am putting an art portfolio together for college, I decided to make a website portfolio, so heres the site http://www.reddragonsyde.com

As you can see none of the links work, and the images spaces are blank because I am clueless on how to code a web site. Any help?

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Well here's how to add a link to the gallery. Obviously, you'll have to make a gallery.html page, otherwise you'll get a page not found error. Change:

<td><img src="images/index_06.jpg" width="87" height="16" alt=""></td>


<td><a href="gallery.html"><img src="images/index_06.jpg" width="87" height="16" alt="gallery"></a></td>

see this is where my problems begin, i dont know where to insert this code, and also i dont think i have the document to input it in either (CSS document)

thus the reason why i need help from ground up


you didn't give the links those images

<A HREF="links.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_04.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="60" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>
<A HREF="Gallery.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_06.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="87" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>
<A HREF="downloads.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_08.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="135" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>

please use the code and replace link names links.html, gallery.html, downloads.html

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