Alright, so I am a graphics designer and I am putting an art portfolio together for college, I decided to make a website portfolio, so heres the site

As you can see none of the links work, and the images spaces are blank because I am clueless on how to code a web site. Any help?

Well here's how to add a link to the gallery. Obviously, you'll have to make a gallery.html page, otherwise you'll get a page not found error. Change:

<td><img src="images/index_06.jpg" width="87" height="16" alt=""></td>


<td><a href="gallery.html"><img src="images/index_06.jpg" width="87" height="16" alt="gallery"></a></td>

see this is where my problems begin, i dont know where to insert this code, and also i dont think i have the document to input it in either (CSS document)

thus the reason why i need help from ground up

then you need to start with learning basics of HTML and after that CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

thanks for the refferrence site, ill try this out!

you didn't give the links those images

<A HREF="links.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_04.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="60" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>
<A HREF="Gallery.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_06.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="87" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>
<A HREF="downloads.html"><IMG SRC="web_template_files/index_08.jpg" ALT="" WIDTH="135" HEIGHT="16" BORDER="0"></A>

please use the code and replace link names links.html, gallery.html, downloads.html

@sreein1986 - was this suggestion mentioned already in first reply?

You have to copy the images onto the server. The Internet can't see what is on your PC.