Macromedia Release MX 2004 some what long time ago but no one posted so I will...

I got Macromedia MX2004 Studio and there is a BIG difference between MX and MX2004.

1) When opening Dreamweaver,Fireworks,Flash,FreeHand there is now a welcome screen! In the welcome screen you open easy open used sites.

2) The menu bar has not tabs any more but all in one. With a navation bar to swith.

Well if you are just going to get Dreamweaver you might as well get Fireworks because it is an example of how both products together offer a powerful solution when designing and programming websites quickly.

Ive been using Macromedia Products for so long, I think I should get a paycheck just for using the darn thing hourly. But besides all that, whats your point? Yes it is just alittle diffrences in the tabs, but pretty much everything else works, scripts, designs, functions the sames with maybe alittle more extentions with a ton of updatees and bug fixes added onto it. Read the Readme file or the Cangelog if your trying to find whatever answer it is your looking for.