tgreer 189 Made Her Cry Team Colleague

I've been hacking away at WordPress to get the style the way I want.

My main task has been to convert their vertical menu tower into horizontal dropdown.

It's working fine except for one problem. The blog software creates a calendar as a table. The table, the entire menu in fact, is structuted as an unordered list.

The table is inside an <li>. When a day is hyperlinked, the cell is stretched. The hover style is working, if you hover on that day, the cell shrinks to normal size.

If I pull the table out of the list, and put it somewhere else on its own, the problem goes away.

So there's some interaction between the table style and the list style that is screwing something up.

I haven't been able to untangle it on my own.

The site:

Many thanks.

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