Hi, all
I want to make my website search able and search easy on google on other search website. So is the code <meta name="keywords" content="something"> could really help me??
Or there have other tips to do that.

there are so many threads about this topic, the meta tags aren't as important as making your content readable to bots.

A GOOD way is to sign up at google for a webmaster account,
then read the helpscreens.
Google tell you what google look for.
tell you how to prepare your site before submission(dont submit a dud)
tell you how to submit it
tell you when it was/is/will be spidered
give you feedback through webmaster tools to make it index better.
get links to your site, they tell you how to do that to.

not google exclusive, yahoo msn Jeeves do too

if you cant find the webmaster tools
google for google webmaster tools

If you still cant find it http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/?hl=en
then read the helpscreens.
a little effort to sort out some technish (googlespeak), and it works

Yes, Google Webmaster Tools are the best to follow. You won't require anything else if you follow all of those.

follow all the steps on the google webmaster. Its still hard to search from some keywords. I want to show my website on google when i type something like "keywords" and then it could easily find my site.

in the time between the first post and now
it is impossible that the site has been respidered,
that 'keywords' that you think are important have been included.
the process of preparing for submission can not be complete yet, so if submitted, you have submitted a dud.
you did not read the helpscreens, because they say
WAIT for changes to take effect
often, repetitively and in big letters


What the bots look for:

Plain text in the HTML file.

It's not going to look for the following:

- Stuff in scripts
- Dynamic content
- Images
- Other objects
- Auxiliary files
- Any html created during rendering