Hi Friends,
I have facing one problem since two days in photoshop please anybody help me.
when i was saving a file in photoshop it's not saved into .JPG, .GIF. the files are saved only into .PSD and .PNG formats
but i want .JPG. with JPG file i have urgent work

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If you're using Photoshop CS3, what you're going to want is to Save For Web.

1) Open your Photoshop file
2) Select File>Save for Web & Devices
3) This will bring up a new window. In the upper right (beneath the Save, Cancel, and Done buttons), you will see a pull-down that says JPEG, GIF, PNG-8, PNG-24, or WBMP. Select JPEG.
4) Below that pull-down, you will see another pull-down with the options Low, Medium, High, Very High, or Maximum. Select the level you want to use (for most uses, Medium or High is good).
5) Click "Save"
6) You will be prompted for a location to save your file. Choose where you want it to be saved and click "Save"
7) You're done!

Good luck!


in my Photoshop third option is not working, i mean that they not displayed there .psd format displayed

Take a screen shot and post it up on here. That might be easier to figure out for us.

Are you sure you're choosing "File > Save For Web & Devices" and not "File > Save As..." or "File > Save"?



no ... I think it's photoshop problem
i reinstall the photoshop now it's working fine but i don't know what happend previous

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