Hi, all.
I am learning Web Design now. And my course is about dynamic website and the script is php, xml, html, sql and so on.
So i want to have some idea about which software platform i should use to design my website.
I have dreamweaver, PHP Editor. So is there some other better suggestions??

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I only use a text editor to produce my sites.
Currently I'm using Geany, which is context-sensitive.

I tried DreamWeaver a long time ago, but it imposed too many limitations. It's probably better now but I feel comfortable writing php, JavaScript and html directly. Gives you more control than a code generator can do.

I tried DreamWeaver a long time ago, but it imposed too many limitations.

DreamWeaver is the best of a bad bunch.

I agree with ingeva: use a text editor. Find one with syntax highlighting and automatic indentation; I use GNU/Emacs.


What i mean by my last post is if you use the dreamweaver wizards to write the code.

yup exactly

thats why i like Notepad++

A plain text editor except it has handy things like Syntax Highlightning, Folding, Tabs...

i have never heard of notepad plus until today, thanks!

I use Quanta Plus

Works only in a linux environment though, however i even have apache on linux and mysql and phpmyadmin.........

Thanks, guys.
Learn a lot


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