I was wondering if anyone knows how to get flash to open another html page after the movie has played.

im trying to make an opening page to my website which plays a short movie with the company logo on etc. When the movie has loaded and finished playing I want it to redirect the users browser to the homepage.

I have embedded the flash movie on a html page, and tried to use JavaScript to redirect the user after a set amount of time. However this doesn't really work because people with a slower connection take longer to download the movie, and then the page changes before the movie has finished playing.

I understand coding can be done in flash but I don't really have a clue how to do this as I am new to flash.

So basically what im asking is:

- Should the flash movie be embedded in a html document (I.E. domain.com/index.html), or should it be loaded directly (I.E. domain.com/movie.swf) for this to work?

- And how would I go about redirecting the user to the homepage after the movie has played?

Thanks for your time,

aaha makes sense.

Thanks for that. great help,


What if I have an swf movie I can't edit, and I want to go to a new page when the movie ends? At present, the movie replays itself in a loop. Is there some kind of workaround I can use?

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