I wasn't really sure where to post this one. My client got web hosting from Networksolutions.com. He hired me as a web designer, but his hosting plan was Windows, with ASP. That's it ASP and MsSQL. I have no clue how to use ASP and I hate Windows hosting. He already payed $120 for the year. Is there any way to switch from a Windows host to a UNIX host on Networksolutions.com. Like I said I hate Windows hosting and any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not have the time to wait until next year to switch to a UNIX host with PHP. I am not wasting his $120 either. HELP!

He would have to negotiate a change with the hosting company.

They list both in the $9.96/month category, and have a fairly helpful helpdesk,
even though I'm not a subscriber to their service there was immediate email reply.
help desk rep said " have the Customer contact us and switch to a *nix hosting package"
hope it works, the *nix packs have a larger bundle of includes

Does ASP work in unix ?

there is something you can install to make ASP work with *nix but i'm not positive on how well it works.

Does ASP work in unix ?

asp for windows hosting
php for *nix hosts

LiKe Macs & PCs (windows & ASP are the Mac of the server world)
about 2% think that .asp is the best thing since sliced bread
the other 98% just go on about the task at hand,