Does anyone know the best way to insert this menu
into this web template I would like to insert this menu into the black area (replacing "some simple text or some links here")

Is there a server side include that allows me to work offline?

Thanks for your time.

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Both links are broken I'm afraid (404).

SSI is a server-side technology, which composes web pages from common chunks (includes) stored on the server, plus any stuff that is unique to each particular page. It does not contribute to your ability to work offline.

However if the question is, "can I run an SSI-enabled web server on my own computer", then the answer is "yes". I run Apache HTTP Server with SSI enabled under a windows operating system. (This arrangement is considered OK for local development but not for a live server where Unix is definately preferred for reasons of security). Other web servers may also support SSI but I have no experience.

Apache is open source and extensively (if not actually well) documented.

Hope this helps



Thanks Airshow for your advice. my apologies for the broken links.


I use netfirms hosting
mysite is accessible as mysite.netfirms.com as well as mysite.com

all netfirms hosting is php enabled(*nix) or asp enabled(eeww MS hosting)
use php to include your menu
change filename.html to filename.php and add <?php include('menu.php') ?> where you want the menu to appear

read all about it at your control panel
devphp is a freeware local php development IDE
the standalone templates arent worth crap
the cms packages available for install from the control panel are better
but you have to read the instructions


Thanks almostbob for your help. I will look into these options being offered at netfirms.

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