Hey, I have a website with 5 items in the head menu. I have an index with 4 frames. head.html, left.html, main.html and right.html. When I open the website the submenu of the first item will appear in the left frame. When I click on another item in the head menu I want the submenu of that item to appear in the left frame and the content in the main frame. The content appears properly but the submenu of the first item stays in the left menu. So I decided to make 5 different websites and when I click on the second item in the head menu by example the index of the website of that item should appear in the same window with the right submenu in the left frame and the right content in the main frame,... so that it is still one website. But of course when I make a link in the head menu to the index of the website of that item the index of that website appears in the head frame. I dont have a lot of experience as a web designer so I really hope someone can help me here.

Thank you very much

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post the 'wrong' menu code, its easier to edit than compose new
and one of the gurus will be able to fix it



Instead of multiple sites if you use multiple pages on the same site perhaps... pages would be mostly duplicates except the contents of your left-frame or (better yet) left-column in a table.

Regardless, be sure to set the target-frame in your links to "whole page" or (HTML) "_top" to cover the whole window.

Hope this helps.

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