I am making a site called theremote.ca

The question I have is this.

When a user visits my site evrything is done from the main page and the pages they visit change through frames.
They never actually leave the index page.

The problem I am having is the history. It is showing all pages they visited with me and of course if they choose to click one of them it will not take them back to index, it will take them directly to that page that should be appearing within the frame on the index page.

How do I adjust these pages so they will either show up in history only as theremote.ca or even better is there a way to make them NOT add themselves to the users browser history at all.

Desperate in ottawa.


In the "not index" pages

<script type='text/javascript'>
if (self.location == top.location) { self.location='/index.html?frame=' + self.location;

in the index page a reference to set the frame src to the 'frame' parameter if set, or to the home page if not set

//my scripting isnt this good
if (frame != "") {document.getElementbyID('frame').src= frame;}

Or in php asp the same can be done serverside and never serve the pages outside of the frameset

<frameset bgcolor="#eeeeee" rows="120,0" frameborder="0" bordercolor="#eeeeee">
<frame name="Header" src="/head.html" frameborder="0" title="Header" scrolling="no" noresize>
<?php If ($frame)
{Echo '<frame name="Details" src="/' , $frame , '" frameborder="0" title="Details" Scrolling="auto" Noresize>';
{Echo '<frame name="Details" src="/home.html" frameborder="0" title="Details" Scrolling="auto" Noresize>';

I hate it when people mess with the history, because I often want to return to the page I came from before I visited that page.

DO NOT change the history. You are affecting things not connected with your site.