my BG doesn't load in FIREFOX?

<div id="wrapper">
		<div id="head">
		<img src="images/png/xxxx.png" alt="xxx Logo" />
		<div id="info-call"><img src="images/png/xxxx.png" alt="call-center" /></div>
		<div id="navigator"><img src="images/xxx/left-nav.png" alt="navigation" class="left" /><img src="images/xxx/right-nav.png" class="right" alt="navigation" /></div>

This is the HTML it is on DOCTYPE strict the problem is on NAVIGATOR!

.left{ float:left; }
.right{float:right; }
#navigator{background:url(../images/xxx/navigator.jpg) repeat-x; margin-top:2px; width:100%; height:53px; }

This is the CSS whats the prob man? (IT IS NOT THE WHOLE CSS)


3.5.1 Firefox for windows seems to work ok. Perhaps you will have to post the full source code or maybe an online version of it.

You do only want the background to repeat horizontally, right?

Maybe try changing to transitional from strict.

Right, The doctype is strict.

It can be coming from my other DIVs? is that what you mean? I will check it to my side first then I will let you know.

In case somebody will view this thread in the future.