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I think there is a weird way of doing it with CSS, but its not well supported. The way most professional sites do it is by using images to cover up the corners, that are transparent in the center. Or you can just use images for the whole corner of the box. There are several things like this in daniweb, the quick post box and the gray latest thread boxes on the right. :D


Using images are the best way...
Many sites have used images for rounding,
The above mentioned is also good, but i'f used this method...
Check the attachments for the html and the images used...
I only used rounding on the top corners...

Attachments 1.gif 0.35 KB 2.gif 0.35 KB 3.gif 0.35 KB
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td background="1.gif" width="5" height="50"></td>
<td background="2.gif" width="1028" height="50" align>You can type some thing here</td>
<td background="3.gif" width="5" height="50"></td>
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