i'm new to this webdesin thing. what i need is a way to input information to the site, and have that information sent back to me at a specific time specified to my cell in a text. lets say i want to remember to call someone at 4 pm on the 27th of may 2010... i want a way to type the contact info and the time into the website and then on may27th 1210 i want to get a text with the information i put in... does anyone have any ideas.... i found code to call my phone right after i type it in, but not at a psecified time. it just happens imediately....

Hey there!

it's not the same thing you are looking for.. but this is kinda hack that you can use this on your website.

try google calender.

They have the service you are talking about. You just have to put event time/date and a brief about the event. You also deside how do you wanna get the event alerts. Via email or text to your cell phone. You can add as many as cell phone no. you want to add. And the all cell phones get the same time event alerts.

Google also provide you javascript code of the calender to put on your website. So, visitors also find out what are the events going on.


I hope this will solve your problem.


hey thanks! this is pretty close to what i need... i might be able to play with the code a little and make it my own... you are a life saver. thank you again! -josh

Hey, JOSH!!

Thanks for the good words and best of luck.