Hey everyone, I am thinking of becoming an User Interface Designer. I was wondering what "skills" do you need to become one? Currently I am a Computer Science and Graphic Design major. Does anyone know what other things I would need to learn in order to become a User Interface Designer?

Currently I am learning:
- php
- css
- html
- javascript

any tips would be appreciated thank you all. :)

hello aodpreacher,

Hey try to learn design stuff and get familiar with the designing tools such as photoshop, macromedia fireworks.... so that can build a complete website as an individual...

Uh! Friend, you should learn HTML and CSS.

Yep learning html and css is a great start and of course any other scripts you can pick up on the way...so good that your also learning php and javascript.

I'd suggest learning how to make a page without the use of dreamweaver or programs like that. It'll help you understand the languages A LOT better and give you more control in the end.

That kinda comes down to practice, which then affects your thumbnailing and designs as your experience grows...learning what works and what doesn't (or isn't possible in some cases).

Perhaps set yourself some projects...take some pages that you like the look of and try to replicate them.

Oh and download all the Firefox developer tools...they come in REALLY handy.


Certainly learning the technological tools for creating and crafting a user interface are important. Also, the skills you learn from graphic design will help.

Howerver, if you are truly interesting in effective UI design, you may want to look into the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Cognitive Psychology, and Usability in general.

In HCI/Usability you will learn the concepts of "task centered design" and development tools/practices such as the "Cognitive Walkthrough" and the "Heuristic Evaluation". As a Computer Science student, I took a course titled "User Interface Design and Evaluation" at the University of Minnesota and it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about technology and programming.