am doing a displaying some data in asp ( data is retreived from the
oracle database)
the data are displaying as the following


but i just want to display the above with a comma separator
like the following


how i can do this using html or css

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Javascript has such a function. It is called:


thanks alot for your but is it possible to do it in either html or css .

Forget about HTML, HTML is not programming language, if you are using ASP do that in ASP, easy help.

There is no way to change data in either html or css. They control how things are displayed, but what you want is not a matter of display, but of changing data.

You need to take numerical data, which is stored in the computer in binary form (not decimal), and create a string of characters with decimal numbers in it, separated by commas.

This is far beyond the scope of html and css. In fact, it is not usually provided in most programming languages (The only ones I know of for sure are COBOL, PL-I, and JavaScript). The programmer who wants this kind of display usually has to write a special procedure to create the string.

One thought is that you can somehow use a spreadsheet to do the data conversion. They usually have this capability.

umm, cobol can output those numbers with commas added into them, just move it to a different pic.

What's wrong with calling javascript in this case anyway?

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