I just registered my Dreamweaver software and put it onto my computer. Problem is, I have an existing website that a company used to manage for me with their own copy of Dreamweaver.

Follow me so far?

What I want to do, is just switch it to my control now. Anyone out there know how I could do this? I called the old company but haven't heard anything, I'd like to think it'd be relatively easy? Hopefully... Any suggestions help!

Thanks :)

I haven't really used Dreamweaver, but the main thing your gona need from either whoever hosts your website or the people who now look after it, is the FTP details; the server, the username and the password.

Dreamweaver should have some way of saving that information for uploading via FTP. Or you could download an FTP client manager program such as FileZilla and enter the FTP details in there, using that program to upload your files to the website.

This is a fairly basic request so there should be plenty of help on the Adobe website. In fact, heres a link:


Have fun with your website =D