I imported a Fireworks image onto Dreamweaver that contained some hyperlinked hotspots on it, but when I upload the Dreamweaver page the graphics show up perfectly but the hyperlinks don't. There is no little finger on mouseover, either. Am I forgetting a step? Thanks in advance!

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Look for the following:

- Note that the image itself can't contain these features. There must be some html provided by Fireworks to locate them.

- Is there a script to take care of the hotspots? If so, can Dreamweaver find it?

- Are the hotspots there, but in the wrong location? Check by moving the mouse around? The locations created in Fireworks may be indexed to the upper left corner of a web page, not the location where you put the image in Dreamweaver.

- Are you using deprecated tags? If so, one program may not know what to do with them.

Fireworks and Dreamweaver, both Adobe products allow you to preview in the actual browser. When I preview the Fireworks image with the hotspots in the browser everything works including the links. When I import to Dreamweaver I lose those links.

Thanks for peeking, I played around with Dreamweaver and found I could do hotspots over the old ones.

Thank you very much!

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