I am new to the Web Development side of Daniweb. I usually wander in the Python and Unix forums.
It has been my loooong desire to create a website of my own.., but for some reason, I have never fully able to understand web programming!!:-O... I have finally managed to create a webpage with my name on it!! :twisted: ... I wanted to play a .flv file, a video which I have already of an old cartoon for kids.
I used flowplayer (since it is free :icon_cheesygrin:) for this, and the amazing thing is that ... it worked!!! My web page was playing a video!!! yeaaa....

Now to the problem... I have similar short and long videos... many of them. I do not want to copy all of them to the htdocs folder in Apache. Oh.. I use a Linux machine with Apache in it...FYI...

In Apache there is a directive called "Alias" , which enables me to specify an alternate folder apart from htdocs for fetching a file.

For example:

Alias /video/ "/media/video/cartoons/"

<Directory /media/video/cartoons/>
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all

Now my original html code looks like this...

<h1>Minimal Flowplayer setup</h1>
<p>View commented source code to get familiar with Flowplayer installation.</p>
 href="Star123.flv"  style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px"  

How do I edit this code to fetch the flv file from the alias part?
Actually Star123 is in a subfolder "one" in /media/video/cartoons/.

I tried ..




But they dont seem to work....any ideas, on what I am doing wrong?



<a href="/media/video/cartoons/Star123.flv"  style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px"  id="player"> click to play from a folder (root foldername)</a>
<a href="../../media/video/cartoons/Star123.flv"  style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px"  id="player"> click to play from a relative folder(up 2 then down)</a>
<a href="http://www.someothersite.com/somefolder/somesubfolder/Star123.flv"  style="display:block;width:520px;height:330px"   id="player"> click to play from anywhere on the web</a>

alias, we don need no steenkin alias

hth dos v'danye

Nope I had tried those earlier... they didn't work....
we cannot fetch a file which is outside the boundaries of the DocumentRoot... i.e here it is /var/www/htdocs.

But at the same time, I cannot have all my files in htdocs folder, I need some files to be accessed outside the DocumentRoot.... hence alias in Apache.....

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