Hi all,

Can someone help me pleeaaasssseee.

This guy did work on my site & he never cross browser checked it & I no longer use IE, so it wasn't till after I payed him that I realized he didn't do his job properly. Then he had the nerve to try & BS saying that WDs sometimes want their site to look different on each browser <sigh>, like I'm stupid or something.

I thought he ad fixed it, but now it's doing the same thing it was b4.

Anyway if you view my site www.exoticpublishing.com on FF & then on IE, you should see the differences.

1. The left nav links aren't bolded
2. For some reason the visited link is making them red, but not on FF
3. The bottom nav doesn't have as much open space as in FF & it's too close the bottom of the copyright area.

If you see anything else pls. let me know & if someone can please tell me how to fix this it would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks & have a great Friday!

Michelle :)

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Hi Michelle
I'm going to be really busy with exams for a week and a bit.
pm me a week tuesday if you still haven't solved it and I'll take a look for you.

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