Could someone decribe the differences between HTML and XML.

Thanks in advance

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HTML is a set of tags to describe a web page.

XML is a set of tags to describe any given type of hiercharchal data, depending on the schema for that data.

XHTML is an XML-compliant implementation of HTML.

So with XML, you could invent your own tags and properties to describe any package of data. You would create a schema that described your legal tags and properties. Then if enough people liked it, you could start exchanging XML data in your format, and possibly make it a standard.

That's what XHTML is - a standardized XML format/schema created for web pages.

All "ML" formats have SGML as the predecessor.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language that contain the huge set of markup tags which are very useful for creating a static web pages while XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which is generally used to customized markup languages that defined by users own.

HTML is hypertext markup language and XML is extensible markup language. The most salient difference between HTML and XML is that HTML describes presentation and XML describes content.

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